We at Oracle Marketing Private Limited ("our","us", "we", "Company","Perpetuity Capital") have developed the Perpetuity Capital mobile application ("App") and website (“Web”)are happy to have you with us. Please read these terms of use ("Terms") carefully before you use the App since they constitute the agreement between: (a) you; (b) us; (c) Oracle Marketing Private Limited, ("Lending Partner"); The Lending Partner/s shall collectively be referred to as ("Affiliates").

For your ease, we have provided summaries of some crucial Terms. However, in case of any conflict between the summaries and these Terms, the Terms shall prevail.

These Terms incorporate the following documents (including all their variants and updates) by reference: (a) Perpetuity Capital Privacy Policy; and (b) the agreement(s) executed by you (and co-applicants, members, nominees, if any) for availing the Services (as defined in the Sections below) from us and our Affiliates. By accessing or using the Services of our Affiliates, you agree (on behalf of yourself and your co-applicants, members, nominees, if any) to be bound by these Terms and to the collection and use of your information as set forth in the Perpetuity Capital Privacy Policy.

All our Services are subject to applicable laws, government notifications, the rules, regulations and guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India ("RBI"), and any other regulatory bodies defining the rules/regulations governing the offer of any Services on the App and Web.

We may revise these Terms as well as update the App and Services from time to time, so please keep visiting this page regularly. If you do not agree with any part of these Terms, please stop using the App immediately. If you have any queries or concerns regarding these Terms, please contact our Grievance Officers (please refer Clause 4 of Section 1, Clause 4 of Section 2 and Clause 4 of Section 3 below for details of our Grievance Officers).

Summary: Perpetuity Capital helps you access vehicle loans easily. You must be legally permitted to enter into a contract and provide us with the information and permissions we need in the manner we ask for.

You should add the information and documents requested in the manner prompted on the App. If you revoke any of the mandatory permissions sought by the App required for fraud prevention, collections and underwriting purposes, then you will not be able to avail the Vehicle/Car/Bike Loan and have limited usage of the App. You will also be required to appoint us as your, and your co-applicant's authorized agent to access your, and your co-applicant's credit information from various credit information companies (such as EQUIFAX, CIBIL etc.).

We and the Lending Partner reserve the right to store information on your device in the form of cookies or similar file for purposes of modifying the App to reflect your preference. The App and web is deemed to be in use when it is loaded in a temporary or permanent memory of your device.

The Perpetuity Capital Privacy Policy details the nature and type of information we collect and process (either for ourselves or on instructions and on behalf of our Lending Partner) to enable the setting up of a Perpetuity Account, completing the Know-your-Customer (“KYC”) processes or to provide such information to our Lending Partner as it may need to process your loan. If the information provided by you does not, in our sole discretion based on our internal policies, amount to reliable information or appears to be fraudulent, then we will not allow you to open a Perpetuity Capital (PC) Account and you shall not be eligible to apply for a loan using the App. If we discover any deficiency in the information provided by you on a later date, then we may terminate your PC Account. Please note that we may add further verification procedures in the future, whereby you may be required to provide us with more information.

Summary: Through your PC Account, we help you discover the maximum amount you are eligible to borrow from our Lending Partner and the terms on which our partner might lend to you. Our Lending Partner will, alone, decide whether to offer you the loan or not. If you have availed a vehicle loan or any other lending product, the terms of your loan will be provided in the User Loan Agreement executed between you and our Lending Partner.
Summary: We are a loan facilitator and not a loan provider. We provide our Services ‘as is’, and we make no promises or guarantees about these Services. We will not be liable for damages or losses arising from your use or inability to use the Service or otherwise arising under this arrangement.

Perpetuity Capital only helps you gain access to loans, i.e., we are only a facilitator. You are contracting a service directly with our Lending Partner. We accept no responsibility for the provision of loans or its consequences. Our responsibility is limited to connecting you to the Lending Partner, displaying your loan eligibility and the terms of your loans. We accept no responsibility for the terms that we communicate to you in good faith. We are not liable for any losses that may occur as a result of the acts or omissions of the Lending Partner. We do not accept responsibility for any amounts transferred to your bank account or any remittance to your account that has failed. However, we shall undertake all reasonable steps to ensure such actions do not take place. In case you are facing any issues on the amount remitted to your account, please write to [email protected] immediately.

The App and Web Services are provided on an “as is” basis without any representation or warranties, express or implied except otherwise specified in writing. We do not warrant the quality of the Services or the App, including its uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free provision, continued compatibility on any device, or correction of any errors. In no event shall we or any of our Affiliates, successors, and assigns, and each of their respective investors, directors, officers, employees or agents be liable for any special, incidental, punitive, direct, indirect or consequential damages or losses suffered as a consequence of a breach of the Terms by another user or arising out of the use of or the reliance on any of the Services or the App.

Availing loans carries a risk and you should speak with your trusted advisors and/or financial consultant before availing any debt of any kind, whether from Perpetuity Capital or otherwise.

In the event any exclusion contained herein is held to be invalid for any reason and we or any of our Affiliates, officers, directors or employees become liable for loss or damage, then, any such liability shall be limited to the loan amount availed by you.

Summary: You may reach out to the Grievance Officer at: [email protected] to enquire about your concerns.

In order to address any questions or grievances that you may have regarding the use of App or Web Services, please contact our Grievance Officer in the following manner:

Name: Mohit Dujari
Email: [email protected]
Address: 33 A Jawaharlal Nehru Road, 20th Floor Suite A3, Kolkata 700071


If you avail any Services from us or our Affiliates, Section 4 of this Terms will be applicable to you.